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The People's Choice --- Please Take Our Money!

Any non-profit, community organization, or charitable group can get in on FREE MONEY

Last year the Littleton Dog Park received $3,300 and 15% of this year's donations

That's over $6,000! with just 23 votes!  HOORAY! & WOOF!


A different winner every year.  This year it could be YOUR Community Group!

We did the math, 23 registrations at $25 each is $575----but they get $6,000! 

Plus they got a free lunch, a free beer,

and a shirt worth more than $100

with BOGO offers and Deep Discounts at local Businesses.

Why not say thank you to your volunteers, your employees, your teachers, your teammates, your coaches, your grandparents and your favorite charity--send them to the kamik5K and


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