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Attention all First Responders & Public Safety  Personnel

The kamik5K is the official

5K BADASS Competition

for New Hampshire & Vermont Public Safety Personnel

It's Easy

1)  Register a TEAM of 3 or More

2)  Best times for top 2 of YOUR TEAM are compared against other Teams

3)  Team with the BEST OVERALL TIME is the Official BADASS TEAM of the YEAR



A)  Bragging Rights for the Year

B)  Travelling Championship Trophy for your Station/Breakroom/Town Hall/Offices

C)  Adoration and Awe of those you Vanquished and those who witnessed your frightening speed


Remember Everyone Who Enters the kamik5K gets:  Free BEER / SODA / LUNCH / RACE Tee

Plus your Benevolence Society could be the People's Choice to take our Money--So Bring your Friends and Family!

And, keep in mind, the kamik5K actually Pays You to Come!  With Your Shirt is the Coupon -- Worth over $100

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